Company and Vision

    Annus Trading Ltd is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, founded in 2010, but it has expanded rapidly since then. 

    Annus Trading has under its control multiple agencies of top manufacturers in industries such as steel, recycling and quarry, among others. The company distributes the quality products of its partners not only in Cyprus but also in Greece and worldwide, giving simultaneously technical advice on those products.

    The company has an exporting department, which exports local, greek as well as multinational industrial products (mainly spare/wear parts but not only), and departments of both technical (designers and engineers associates) and management consulting (business experts). 

    The competitive advantages of the company are the ratio of price over quality of the imported products and the combination of top quality manufacturers, rational management and top quality services (new drawings if needed, help with installations, metallurgic consulting) able to provide a problem solving ability in –especially– challenging large-scale projects.

    Annus’ goal is to gradually expand the scope of its business activities as well as its business cycle. In addition, it always aims to be a reliable partner and consultant of local and Greek entrepreneurs in the heavy industries and the key player in the upgrading of local and Greek industries through the peak quality machines and spare parts that it allocates.


    Annus is distinguished by representing core values such as sincerity, reliability and ethical conduct. These values are in reality rare and exceptionally important in maintaining healthy business relationships both with partners and customers and this is the reason why Annus gives such emphasis in them.         

    The company imports the full range of wear parts for Quarry and Recycling machines as well as Quarry and Recycling machines per se. Trading of spare/wear parts might be the basic activity of the company, however it is involved in projects that have to do with wastewater management/technologies, industrial machinery, industrial filters, firebricks, marine products and other. Please contact us to discuss in more detail the rest of our businesses.


    Annus maintains cooperations with top manufacturers from countries such as Italy, Germany, U.S.A., U.K., France, Finland, China, Korea, and others...

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    Annus supplies a wide range of products, including Hammers, caps, screens, anvils, hammer pins, jaws, steel plates, industrial stainless steel hooks, cast steel balls, armour plates, cast wheels and other.

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    Annus also offers business and technical consulting services, with a predefined set of steps.

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